Barry Walker

DevOps/Automation Expert

I love what I do

I've been a professional software engineer for over 20 years, doing development in everything from Perl, Java, Python, Objective-C and C# to Ruby on Rails. I started my career working on Honeywell DPS-6 mini computers for the U.S. Marine Corps in the early 90s. In the mid 90s I found myself at a small ISP working as a systems administrator dealing with a mix of Linux and DEC machines as well as dial-up users. These two experiences taught me a lot about managing shared infrastructure.

In 2008 I discovered a service called Amazon S3 which allowed me to back my important documents up to what was then the early cloud. In 2009/2010 I helped to develop a Ruby on Rails web app coupled with an iPad app (this was before the iPad shipped! We developed with the simulator) that would go on to be acquired by Autodesk. Shortly after the acquisition, I took on the role of DevOps Engineer for this application and learned a ton about managing the infrastructure and deployment of an enterprise-grade application.

I have a passion for automating infrastructure, and by using tools like Packer, Terraform, Kubernetes and Jenkins, it's possible to make infrastructure and code deployments nearly painless. My software engineering experience combined with my systems administrator/operations experience allows me to work with engineering and operations teams to build sophisticated CI/CD pipelines.



I've been using AWS as a developer since 2008, and I've been building infrastructure in AWS professionally since 2012. I have deployed numerous production workloads into AWS using everything from CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk and Ops Works to Dockerized applications on bare EC2 instances.
I am also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Developer Associate.


I've been a Docker user since 2014 and have deployed production workloads on Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, AWS ECS and Rancher. I also have production experience using Helm with Kubernetes.

DevOps Training

I can help you migrate your deployment process to a more modern DevOps approach. I will work with your team to implement a CI/CD pipeline for your product to enable you to push out software faster and safer.

Hashicorp Tools

I'm a big fan of Hashicorp's tools and have used Packer, Terraform and Vault extensively.


I was a very early adopter of Linux and have been using it professionally since 1994.

I'm also a developer!

I have over 20 years as a software engineer and understand development patterns and best-practices for many languages and frameworks. All of my experience is concentrated on back-end systems, which includes things like data layers and APIs. The languages I'm most familiar with are C#, Python and Ruby (on Rails).
One of the projects I'm working on now is a Rails-based job scheduler with a REST backend and React frontend. You can find it here


While at Autodesk, I managed a MySQL database with 2bn rows and became quite good at performance tuning queries.


I'm starting to teach myself game development using Unity3D and have a mostly working implementation of the original PacMan arcade game. You can play it here

Retro Software

For fun I dabble in retro software development on the Commodore 64 using 6510 assembly language. I cross develop from my Mac using KickAssembler. You can see my first project here.
I'm also working on a a C64 library and a tool to run unit tests on 6502 code.

Retro Hardware

I'm teaching myself to design PCB boards using EAGLE CAD and my first project is a set of adapter boards to allow the Commodore 128 computer to be able to swap KERNALs with a tap of the RESTORE key. You can find the CAD files and firmware here


I didn't get my private pilot's license, but I did solo a Cessna 172 and thoroughly enjoyed flying. Here's a video of me landing on Runway 29 at Hanscom Airfield in Bedford, MA.


I really love Blender and the Blender community. I'm nowhere near proficient in it, but I did manage to do this.


Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate
Amazon Web Services Developer Associate

Work experience

September, 2020 - Present

Sr. Systems Engineer

Quicken Loans


I work with the product teams to build the infrastructure and deployment pipelines that they need to get their products deployed to AWS. Currently I work in the Client Communications & Engagement group, which has very high visibility. My team is responsible for the and landing pages.

May, 2018 - September, 2018

Director of Cloud Operations

BuildingEngines, Inc.

Boston, MA

I was brought on as a consultant initially to migrate our legacy Tomcat application to AWS, but was hired as the interim Director of Cloud Operations to oversee the deployment of several new cloud-native applications as well.

February, 2017 - September, 2020

Sr. Software Architect

ZeroNorth, Inc.

Boston, MA

I started as a consultant tasked with getting their AWS infrastructure in order, but was hired shortly after to assume the role of Sr. Software Architect. In addition to the development of their Terraform and Packer code, I also do application development in Python.

February, 2008 - February, 2017

Sr. Software Engineer

Vela Systems, Inc. / Autodesk, Inc.

Boston, MA

I came to Autodesk through the acquisition of the startup I worked at. We built mobile solutions for the commercial construction industry, which included an iPad application. I was a key member of the team and had an active role in the development of the web, mobile and reporting applications. After the acquisition, I also took on the role as DevOps for the product.

Work Portfolio

Equip Health

Equip Health

Built out AWS infrastructure for their next-gen platform using Terraform and the Serverless framework. Backend was built entirely on API Gateway and Lambdas.

BuildingEngines, Inc.

BuildingEngines, Inc.

Brought on as a consultant tasked with migrating their primary Java/Tomcat application from Rack Space to AWS, and also acting as interim Director of Cloud Operations until they find somebody permanent. As Director of Cloud Operations, I'm instututing best practices around AWS deployments which includes tool standardization, security, auditability/logging, and secrets management. I'm also still fully involved in development of Packer & Terraform code for the primary app as well as 2 new Python Django applications in development. My work here inspired one of their employees to do this.

ZeroNorth, Inc.

ZeroNorth, Inc.

Brought on initially as a consultant tasked with getting their infrastructure and deployments ironed out, but wound up accepting a full-time position as Sr. Software Architect/DevOps engineer. We have a full CI/CD pipeline using Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes. The infrastructure is managed by Terraform, and the application is packaged with Helm.

Polis, Inc.

Polis, Inc.

For their v1 product, I cleaned up and secured their AWS infrastructure and built a CI/CD pipeline using Travis and Elastic Beanstalk. For their v2 product, I moved them to containerized deployments using Travis and Rancher. We're currently working on a version 3 of their infrastructure which uses Terraform, Kubernetes and Helm.

Tenant Technologies, Inc.

Tenant Technologies, Inc.

I migrated several PHP applications from an on-prem environment into AWS using Elastic Beanstalk.

Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk, Inc.

I was a key member of the team that built Vela Field Manager, which Autodesk acquired in the summer of 2012 and re-branded as BIM 360 Field. In my time here, I did Ruby on Rails development, iOS development using Objective-C, C# development, Jasper Reports development, and deployment and infrastructure development.

GitHub Portfolio

My GitHub portfolio can be found here

Barry's résumé

A PDF version of my résumé can be found here